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Uniduto Logística S.A − Paying-in of Capital

São Paulo, June 16, 2008. − São Martinho S.A. (Bovespa: SMTO3; Reuters: SMTO3. SA e Bloomberg: SMTO3 BZ), one of the largest sugar and alcohol producers in Brazil, hereby informs the market that R$ 3,389,359 (three million, three hundred and eighty-nine thousand, three hundred and fifty-nine Reais) has been paid into Uniduto Logística S.A. (“UNIDUTO”), representing 3,389,359 shares, or 5.65% of UNIDUTO’s capital stock to be paid in up to two years.

UNIDUTO’s corporate purpose is the development, construction and operation of an ethanol pipeline transport system, connecting a port terminal on the São Paulo state to the city of Paulínea, with branches to the cities of Conchas and Ribeirão Preto.

Each shareholder will be entitled to transport a volume of ethanol equivalent to their share of UNIDUTO capital stock. Moreover, shareholders will have priority over third parties for use of the pipeline, under market conditions.


João do Val
CFO and Investor Relations Officer

Felipe Vicchiato
Investor Relations

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